The photos of American man who won $2billion jackpot seen publicly for first time as he smiles after leaving the bank and buying two LA mansions

The winner of a record $2 billion Powerball jackpot has been identified for the first time,  almost 3 months after his life dramatically changed for good . Edwin Castro added a whopping... Read more »

The Fugees rapper Pras Michel found guilty of political conspiracy to help China influence US government

Former Fugees rapper, Prakazrel ‘Pras’ Michel has been convicted on criminal charges that he conspired with a Malaysian financier to orchestrate a series of foreign lobbying campaigns aimed at influencing the US... Read more »

Kim Kardashian look-alike and erotic model Ashten G dies of cardiac arrest after plastic surgery

A Kim Kardashian lookalike and erotic model has died of cardiac arrest following a plastic surgery procedure. Christina Ashten Gourkani more known in erotic streaming media as  Ashten G  died in the... Read more »

Ashley Graham crowned sexiest woman in the world

Ashley Graham has been crowned the “world’s sexiest woman”. Graham, a plus-size model and mum-of-three, earned the top “Hot 100” spot in Maxim magazine and sizzled on the cover of the magazine’s May/June... Read more »


The Hakimi asset news is all fake” Report refutes claim that Hakimi’s wife wanted half of his assets but they were in the footballer’s mother’s name

The reports claiming Hiba Abouk – the Spanish actress and wife of footballer Achraf Hakimi – wanted half of his assets amid divorce but everything was in his mother’s name has been... Read more »

The trending video of South Korean president Yoon singing ‘American pie’ while president Biden cheered him during White House State dinner

South Korean president Yoon Suk Yeol’s White House visit ended on a high note when he sang Don McLean’s American Pie to great applause. Yoon is on a six-day state visit to... Read more »

A Pro-Russia propagandist unmasked as She confessed to be a New Jersey tropical fish seller

To her devoted followers, “Donbas Devushka” – or Donbas Girl – is a Russian Jew from the occupied Ukrainian city of Luhansk, who has faithfully broadcast Kremlin propaganda for months. But in reality,... Read more »

A woman dumped her boyfriend as he wouldn’t let her post pictures of him. When she suspected he cheated, she turned to TikTok to find out the truth.

It was February 2021, and Carlita Victoria had just about had it with dating apps. Exhausted by the lack of face-to-face connection, she decided to tell a man she had been chatting... Read more »

How damaging was the Dominion suit for Fox News?

Fox News on Tuesday agreed to pay a $787.5 million settlement to Dominion Voting Systems, bringing an abrupt end to a high-profile defamation case over the network implicating Dominion in a nonexistent plot to... Read more »

YSL Trial: Defense Attorney Arrested for Carrying Prescription Drugs

FULTON COUNTY SHERIFF’S deputies arrested Anastassios Manettas, an attorney representing one of the defendants in the sprawling trial of rapper Young Thug and 13 others accused of gang and racketeering charges in Atlanta. Manettas had been... Read more »

The Eagle Who Adopted a Rock Becomes a Real Dad

 a bald eagle at a bird sanctuary in Valley Park, Mo., had been incubating a rock, and his keepers did not have the heart to separate them. He seemed ready when an eaglet... Read more »

The Fascist arrested for planting pipe bomb he blamed on Antifa

A Civil War reenactor has pleaded guilty to charges that he planted a pipe bomb at a Virginia battlefield in 2017 and wrote letters falsely claiming that antifa protesters were to blame.... Read more »

 A Florida man worried about vampires burns down his house, police say

vampires are going to defend themselves,’ he reportedly said before blaze DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – A Daytona Beach man was arrested this week after police said he burned down his own house after screaming... Read more »

NYPD: MTA inspectors shot at after dispute over bus ticket in Brooklyn

An argument over a bus ticket ended with gunfire aimed at a group of MTA workers in East New York on Tuesday. At least one person was hurt. CBS2’s Natalie Duddridge reports... Read more »

Love is very sweet with the right person” Differently-abled actress Doris Samuel Akonanya says as she gets engaged (video)

Nollywood actress and dancer, Doris Samuel Akonanya, is engaged to social media influencer Darlington Chidera Ibekwe. A video shared online showed the moment her man, Darlington Ibekwe, went down on one knee... Read more »

Man wakes to find his puppy has chewed his big toe to the bone but it saved his life

A UK man woke to discover that his dog had chewed his big toe to the bones, only to find later that his dog’s action might have saved his life. David Lindsay,... Read more »

Germany’s president slams Putin for causing ‘immeasurable suffering, destruction and death’ with his Ukraine war

Germany’s President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has slammed Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for the Ukraine invasion, accusing him of causing ‘immeasurable suffering, destruction, and death.’ President  Frank-Waltermade the statement during a solemn memorial speech... Read more »

You are the same people bullying me for over one year – Yul Edochie slams ‘witches and demons’ demanding justice for Mohbad

Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie, has slammed Nigerians, including his colleagues, who are demanding justice for late singer, Mohbad.  In a lengthy post on his Instagram page on Sunday, September 17, the actor... Read more »


May 15th 2023 Instagram is down. The app’s feed is frozen, tossing users errors that it can’t refresh, while the website gives only a blank page. In an email to The Verge, Meta... Read more »

What are the first signs of being a diabetic ? When you have any of the following diabetes symptoms, see your doctor about getting your blood sugar tested

Diabetes is a chronic condition characterized by high blood sugar levels. It is important to recognize the early signs and symptoms of diabetes to seek timely medical attention and start appropriate management.... Read more »

Woman has a loud and full body orgasm during Los Angeles Philharmonic’s show

Attendees of the Los Angeles Philharmonics recent concert were startled by the sounds of a woman “screaming and moaning” midway through the show. During the orchestra’s performance of Tchaikovsky’s fifth symphony on Friday... Read more »

Unclad man arrested for engaging in self-pleasure in public gives cops interesting excuse for his actions

A man arrested for indecent exposure gave police a very creative excuse for masturbating in public. Police officers were sent to a convenience store in Vero Beach, Florida, USA, after someone dialed... Read more »
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