Germany’s president slams Putin for causing ‘immeasurable suffering, destruction and death’ with his Ukraine war

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Germany’s President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has slammed Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for the Ukraine invasion, accusing him of causing ‘immeasurable suffering, destruction, and death.’

President  Frank-Waltermade the statement during a solemn memorial speech to mark the 80th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising against the Nazis in Poland.

‘With his illegal attack on a peaceful, democratic neighbouring country… the Russian president has broken international law… This war brings immeasurable suffering, violence, destruction and death to the people of Ukraine,’ Steinmeier said at the uprising commemoration.

Steinmeier said the lessons of his own country’s aggression throughout Europe during the Second World War hold a lesson as Russia’s attack on Ukraine has ‘destroyed the foundations of our European security order’.


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  1. The German language and national identity should have been erased from the world after WW2, for the sake of its victims, and Russia should not be allowed to exist any more now.

    What Russia has done requires far more of a response than the outrageous, trembling response the western world has barely given it. Russia needs to be killed in their Kremlin and throughout their land and brought to total ruin with no thought to anything but their total defeat where they look like the bombed out cities they have caused. The response of Germany, USA, etc has been an outrage of trembling self preservation. And the wicked UN, in which Russia has no right to exist, even allowed Russia after many atrocities. The world is guilty of this.

    Speaking to denounce Russia is just disgusting unless those doing so act equal to the horrors Russia has committed, and kill it on its own land just like was done to the Nazis and the Japs!

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