The Hakimi asset news is all fake” Report refutes claim that Hakimi’s wife wanted half of his assets but they were in the footballer’s mother’s name

The reports claiming Hiba Abouk – the Spanish actress and wife of footballer Achraf Hakimi – wanted half of his assets amid divorce but everything was in his mother’s name has been... Read more »

NBA star LeBron James keeps Twitter blue check after refusing to pay for it with Elon Musk footing the bill

On Thursday, Twitter began removing the checkmarks of verified accounts unless they paid for a Twitter Blue subscription, but NBA star LeBron James kept his blue check despite previously saying he would... Read more »


 New Update Missing X Factor star Levi Davis drowned off Barcelona, police believe

Missing rugby player Levi Davis is feared to have drowned in the sea off Barcelona, his devastated family said tonight. His mother Julie Davis has said police have told her that they... Read more »
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