Google CEO Sundar Pichai raked in $226M payday despite layoffs, cuts to worker perks

Pichai, 50, raked in more than $218 million in the form of stock awards, according to recent company securities filing. The Google boss also earned $2 million in base salary and nearly... Read more »

Stocks edge lower, Tesla plummets over 9%: Stock market news today

Tesla stock was down 9.75%, hitting its lowest level in nearly three months, after the company reported first-quarter earnings on Wednesday that fell short of Wall Street’s expectations. Tesla’s recent price cuts weighed on profits as... Read more »


The Hacker Who Hijacked Matt Walsh’s Twitter Was Just ‘Bored’

A Wired senior writer was permanently banned from Twitter on Wednesday after interviewing the person who hacked conservative commentator Matt Walsh’s account. Dell Cameron shared a link to his story, “The Hacker... Read more »
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